Friday, 3 May 2013

Holiday fashion!

Going on budget airlines means that you can't bring as much as you want on board.
But you still want to look pretty on your holiday without wearing the same outfit over and over again - this is where mix and match comes in!


1) Wear a pair of comfortable and relatively fashionable shoes and stick to it.
    For example I wore my faithful black ankle boots which are perfect for all weather

2) Bring basics - denim shirt, logo t-shirts, jeans etc can be pair with anything!

3) Make sure you are comfortable in it - otherwise you will just end up having a bad trip!

I brought with my my leather jacket and black ankle boots that I wore everyday, and here is what I brought for mix and match for that I could wear for a week :)


 I was able to come up with 8 possible outfits :) - granted some of them are a little bit similar! But at least you are not completely repeating!

I have posted some of the looks on look book! which will follow on :)

Tuesday, 30 April 2013


During April I had the pleasure the travel to Italy for a week <3
It took us a lot of planning and budgeting and we finally decided on going to Pisa, Florence and Rome <3

I went with my twin sister and our friend from high school. 3 girls traveling isn't very safe, however if you are careful you shouldn't run into too much trouble, particularly since it is a touristy place.

Here's a short iternery of my trip:
Day 1 - land at Pisa, visit the leaning tower then catch a train to Florence
Day 2 to 4 - stay in Florence, take the afternoon train to Rome
Day 5 - 7 - Rome, with day 6 spend mostly in Vatican.

I am going to do a highlight of the trip - since I had pretty much walked my feet off the entire week! First I am going to start with Pisa :)


Pisa airport is a good choice if you want to go to Florence or anywhere in Tuscany, since flying there through budget airline is a lot cheaper than flying direct to Florence. And also it's a small enough place that you can probably just spend the day you arrive there.

We landed in the afternoon, taking ryan air :) Outside the airport there is A LOT of buses that go direct to Florence (Terravision etc) to SMN station, so you don't really have to worry about train etc.

To get to Pisa Central Station (for trains), you need to go outside the airport and on the the road island to the right across the road to catch a local bus!
This is what the bus stop sign looks like!
You can also take this bus directly to the leaning tower!

You need to buy tickets, which costs 1.2 Euro via ticketing machines.

The system is that you buy a ticket valid for about 40 minutes (or was it 50?) - so if you are quick then you can make it to the Pisa Centrale station, drop you luggage at left luggage and hop on the leaning tower of Pisa using 1 ticket!

You need to validate you ticket on the bus - using the machine on the left. If you are found without a validating ticket you will be fined!
 On the right is me with my ticket - remember it's valid for 40 minutes so don't just throw it away!

We left our luggage at Pisa Centrale - hoping to catch the train to Florence later. The station is easy to recognize and you will have no trouble getting off.

The left luggage is situated at the end of platform 1. It's 4-5 Euro per luggage, lots of people leave their stuff there and it was opened till 9pm the day I went. So it's pretty safe.

From the station we walked to the Tower. To be honest it wasn't a difficult or a far walk. About 15 - 20 minutes along the river, a pretty straight forward route (Do google map it before your journey if you wishes to walk - just in case you get lost).

 To be honest, I was a little bit disappointed about the Pisa Tower. It was a lot smaller than expected - and on the day we went the grass area was fenced off so we couldn't stand inside and take photos like many other tourists did.

Entrance to the Cathedral is FREE! All you need to do is pick up a free ticket at the counter! It's worth a look if you are there already.

We spent most of our time there trying to take photos :P
Here is one of me kicking the tower! And a massive thank you to my friend who was helping me to balance :)

Overall Pisa was worth a quick visit just for the touristy bit!

Monday, 29 April 2013

First blog :D - who am I? What is this all about?

Hi everyone :D

My name is Nam! I am better known on the net as shadowcheah - an internet name I had been using since childhood that kind of stuck with me through time.

I am a 21 years old student studying in London, England, but originally from the amazing city of Hong Kong <3

I had always wanted to start a blog but never found the time or the resources to do it, but now I had finally pluck up the courage and viola - here I am!

I guess I always had a passive for writing, whether it was in my mother tongue Chinese or in English. One of my hobby is actually writing :) I am a writer on this website call wattpad where I post my latest stories:
Please check out my stories if you have time!

As said in my blog description, I am a girl with many, many hobbies and interest. Frankly, I am not very accomplish in most of them :P But, life is short, so you might as well try to do things that you want ;)

This is where what is this all about come in! Blogging has been a major 'thing' in the past few years and since I wanted to get my writing out there I thought: why not make a blog documenting my chaotic hobbies and life? Would it be confusing? Yes. Would it make no sense? Yes. But would it be a lot of fun? I certainly hope so.

So here it is. My first post. None of you are probably interested in my rambling, but hopefully I will post something that will catch someone's eye eventually.

What will I post about? Well, let's see, there are soooo many things:

1) Traveling - I tend to travel quite a bit :) got a few trips stored up from this year and previous years that I could take about!

2) Crochet - I LOVE making little animals out of crochet whenever I have the time and resources - I am no expert, but I do try my best :)

3) Looks - I am lookbooker, for those of you who don't know, it's a community where members post their latest looks. I put my profile up at the side so go check them out!

4) Wattpad - more specifically, writing. I am a armature writer. English isn't my first language but I try my best. I do hope to get publish one day (eeeek). Hope.

5) AOB - any other business. Like I say, I have a lot of hobbies ;)

Thank you for visiting my blog :) hopefully I will stick to it!